Amherst College

Melody Owen, Tanya Leise, and Shelly Tang, “The circadian clock: a simple model with complex applications,” Amherst College.

Jenny Xu, Itai Brand-Thomas, and Nevon Song, “Exploring protein folding and unfolding with graph theory,” (advised by Amy Wagaman and Sheila Jaswal), Amherst College.

Daniel Law, “Modelling a waveguide array with saturable nonlinearity at the center sites,” (advised by Jennie D’Ambroise), Amherst College.

Ilya Kiseler and Tanya Leise, “Modeling of the Seasmal adaptation of circadian pacemaker neurons in the suprachiasmastic nucleus,” Amherst College.

Barnali Dash and Megan Robertson, “Using big data to examine host-parasitoid interactions,” Mount Holyoke College and Amherst College.

College of the Holy Cross

Bill Hallahan, “On the Kronecker product of a hook and a box,” College of the Holy Cross.

Columbia University

Ha-Young Shin, Lena Mind, Rober Lyman, Samir Mathrani, and Sarba Bartaula, “Geometry of coxeter groups,” (advised by Jason Behrstock) Columbia University.

K. Christianson, J. Goluboff, Linus Hamann, and Srikar Varadaraj, “Non-left-orderable surgeries on twisted torus knots,” Columbia University.

Riaz Helfer, Anish King, Samuel Nicoll, and Hank Shorb, “Page rank and spectral graph theory,” Columbia University.

Nawaz Sultani, Leonardo Abbrescia, Irit Hug-Kuruvilla, and Willie Dong, “Reeb dynamics on lens space,” (advised by Joanna Nelson and Rob Castellano), Columbia University.

Mount Holyoke College

Stephanie Stark, “Body-and-CAD rigidity and projective geometry,” Mount Holyoke College.

Yu Liu, “Collisions of the discrete Lambert map,” Mount Holyoke College.

Mariah Mullins, ”Comparing methods to quantify homophiles,” (advised by Krista Gile), Mount Holyoke College.

Abigail Mann, “Counting solutions to the Welch equation g^{x-1+c}\equiv x (mod p^e),” Mount Holyoke College.

Adelyn Yeoh, ”Counting solutions to the Welch equation g^{x-1+c}\equiv x (mod p^e),” Mount Holyoke College.

Anne Waldo and Caiyun Zhu, “Discrete Lambert map xg^x \equiv c (mod p^e),” Mount Holyoke College.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Ian Fox, “Cell list algorithms for nonequilibrium flows,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Gabriel Andrade, “Computation of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a matrix,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Shai He, John Staudenmayer, Jeffer Saski, and Patty Freedson, “Estimating physical activity from a wrist-worn accelerometer,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

John Lee, “Modulation Equations for nonlinear differential equations,” (advised by C. Chong and P.G. Kevredikis), University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Abhijit Pawar, “Testing for preferential recruitment in RDS,” (advised by Professor Krista Gile) University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Williams College

Xixi Edelsbrunner, Karen Huan, Blake Mackall, Jasmine Powell, and Madeleine Weinstein, “A Benford walk down Wall Street,” (advised by Steven J. Miller), Williams College.

Blake Mackall, Christina Rapti, and Karl Winsor, “Biases in elliptic curve families,” (advised by Steven J. Miller), Williams College.

Julien Clancy, Rina Friedberg, Indraneel Kasmalkar, Isaac Loh, Tudor Padurariu, Cesar Silva, and Sahana Vasudevan, “Ergodicity of products of infinite measure,” Williams College.

Feixue Gong, Olivia Meyerson, Jeremy Meza, and Abigail Ward, “Explicit bounds for matrix pseudospectra​,” (advised by Mihai Stoiciu), Williams College.

Owen Barrett, Brian McDonald, Patrick Ryan, and Karl Winsor, “Large gaps between zeros of GL(2) L-functions,” (advised by Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh and Steven J. Miller), Williams College.

Yale University

Hannah Constantin and Benjamin Houston-Edwards, “Counting (a,b)-core partitions from numerical semigroups,” Yale University.

Rodrigo Ferreira da Rosa, “Graph associahedra and Hassett spaces,” (advised by David Jensen and Dhruv Ranganathan), Yale University.

Louis Gaudet, Nicholas Wawrykow, and Theodore Weisman, “The Jacobian group of a finite graph and the monodromy pairing,” (advised by Daniel Corey, David Jensen, and Dhruv Ranganathan), Yale University.

Stanislav Attanasov and Christopher Shriver, “Properties of some real stability preservers,” (advised by Anup Rao), Yale University.

Carsten Peterson, “Some results on 2-lifts of graphs,” (advised by Anup Rao), Yale University.

Michael Menz, Justin Wang, and Jiyang Xie, “Strategy in all-pay bidding games,” Yale University.