Q: I am not currently a Yale student.  Can I still participate in SUMRY?

A: Yes, since 2021 SUMRY has been open to non-Yale students.

Q: I am a international student.  Can I still participate in SUMRY?

A: Non-Yale international students can not participate. Per NSF rules only U.S. citizens and permanent residents can receive NSF funding. There is some internal funding for international Yale students.

Q: Can I also work at a part-time job during SUMRY, take a summer course, work as a summer session counselor or R.A., travel to another summer research activity during SUMRY, etc.?

A: No. SUMRY is a full time summer program.  While we understand that there may be other programs you’re interested in, you should not be involved in other programs, classes, or research opportunities, even if part time.   

Q: I need to be out of town for a few days during SUMRY due to a prior commitment.  Is this okay?

A: Within reason, yes, if you bring this to our attention before the start of the program to discuss.  If you plan to be away for more than 2-3 weekdays, this will require special consideration.  

Q: When will I receive my SUMRY stipend, and how much will I receive?

A: For 2024 the SUMRY student stipend is $5000. Our aim is to distribute the funding as soon as possible before the start of SUMRY.  We will update you with more precise information when it becomes available.  

Q: I am interested in rooming with other SUMRY participants over the summer.  Can you help?

A: SUMRY now provides dorm housing to all students. You will be paired with a roommate.