SUMRY 2020

The SUMRY program is a ten-­week undergraduate research program run by the mathematics department at Yale University, usually between early June and early August. In a recent year, there were 15-20 funded positions for undergraduates to investigate open research problems in the mathematical sciences. Students work either individually or in small groups, directed by faculty members, post­doctoral fellows, and graduate students. The work pursued in this program will give participants an idea of what research in mathematics is like. For a detailed program description, click here.

Unfortunately, SUMRY is only available to currently enrolled Yale undergraduates.

SUMRY 2020: June 9 to August 13

The application form is available here and must be filled out by February 15, 2020.  Students should expect to hear back from us in early March. You can read about this year’s projects here.

SUMRY was supported in part by NSF DMS-1831960.